When a Gingivectomy Is Recommended From a Periodontist

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A gingivectomy is a procedure performed by a periodontist in order to treat the advanced stages of gum disease. When the gum pockets begin to separate and become extremely deep, the result is a potential for bacterial build-up, which can negatively affect the bone and then the teeth. In order to avoid this as a whole, proper oral hygiene is necessary. However, when unavoidable, it is a good idea to know what to expect from this procedure.

Understanding the need for a gingivectomy

The following information highlights when a periodontist may recommend a gingivectomy, as well as what to expect from the procedure. This information should be reviewed by those who are suffering from advanced gum disease.

When it is needed

A gingivectomy is typically one of the last avenues explored for treating severe gum recession as a result of infection or disease. Periodontists recommend and advise a few other treatments first and foremost to see whether they are successful. However, not a lot of treatments can solve severe cases of gum recession in which the pockets are too deep and too far separated from the bone. In these cases, a gingivectomy is the only option.

What happens during the procedure

Individuals who are preparing for a gingivectomy should know a few important things beforehand:

  • The procedure is surgical, meaning an anesthetic will be administered
  • There will be soreness afterward and a period of recovery
  • An adjusted diet will be necessary after the procedure is complete due to the inflammation and tenderness of the gums
  • The periodontist will put a regimented recovery plan into place, including the use of antibiotics and anti-bacterial rinses
  • Follow-up appointments with the periodontist will be necessary

With each individual case, the periodontist will lay out any specific things to expect. For example, some individuals require the use of a gum graft after a gingivectomy, especially if the gums are in very poor shape beforehand.

The role of a periodontist

A periodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on the soft tissues of the mouth, otherwise known as the gums. They spend their days diagnosing gum diseases and coming up with the most suitable ways to treat the condition so that it does not get worse or affect one's dental health.

When it comes to a gingivectomy, periodontists are a great resource to utilize as they are trained and experienced at everything relating to the gums.

Ready to schedule a consultation?

When suffering from late stages of gum disease, it is a good idea to consult with a periodontist. In the event that a gingivectomy is needed, action will be taken right away. A thorough evaluation of the oral cavity will be done to determine if any additional work might be needed. And, the periodontist will answer any questions or go over any existing concerns. To learn more about the procedure or to get scheduled for a consultation, contact us today.

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