A Periodontist Can Help You Prevent Gum Disease

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Gum disease is an unfortunate oral health problem that actually occurs quite frequently. Often times, gum disease goes unnoticed and people aren’t aware that they even have one until it’s progressed quite a bit.

However, as the dental and oral health industry have both improved greatly, there are a variety of ways that people can avoid and prevent gum disease from affecting them. Talking with a periodontist can help a person determine how they can best avoid gum disease. And, being aware of these preventative measures will benefit anyone at some point in their lives. 

In this article, we will discuss a few different ways that a periodontist can help a person to prevent gum disease. Learn more below!

How a periodontist can help you prevent gum disease

While gum disease can be prevented in a few different ways, a periodontist is the best person to help someone execute this.

A periodontist is a dental specialist that works on the supporting structures of the teeth as well as diseases and infections that can affect them. And because the gums are a major supporting structure of the teeth, a periodontist is the best person to consult with when it comes to gum disease prevention.

Providing regular checkup appointments

Just like with any other dental specialist, a person may also be recommended to visit their periodontist regularly for checkup appointments. Having regular periodontal checkup appointments will allow for the periodontist to examine the gums often.

Regular examinations of the gums will ensure that the periodontist can check for any abnormalities that might be occurring. If any abnormalities are present, then the periodontist can come up with a treatment plan so that the problem doesn’t worsen.


When a person visits a periodontist, one of the main ways that they can help a person to prevent gum disease is by making recommendations about oral and dental health practices. Recommendations may include ways to keep the gums healthy such as using oral mouthwashes or brushing gently along the gum lines.

A periodontist will likely assess the person’s gums in order to see how healthy or unhealthy they are. Based on the exam, they will be able to provide recommendations to best help the person prevent a disease from forming.

Disease-free gums

Maintaining healthy gums is just as important as keeping healthy teeth. Most people forget how important it is to have healthy gums but consulting with a periodontist will lower the chances that gum disease will form, as they can help you take preventative measures. Periodontists specialize in the health of gums, so let them be of help to you in order for your gums to remain disease-free. 

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